Educating the public about nuclear power will be critical for building more capacity worldwide. Here’s what we’re doing to help.

Fission Transition is working to:

• Extend to nuclear plant owners the same economic incentives offered to wind and solar farms for their clean power

• Create a level playing field for clean energy by ending CAISO’s wholesale market trading rule which assigns to wind and solar resources a preferential place in its “loading order”

• Eliminate the awarding of tradeable Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), which can be sold to fossil fuel generators to evade responsibility for the CO2 impacts of their energy

• Promote funding for Gen-4 (fourth generation) reactor development in California to help the state regain its lead in clean energy

• Inform legislators and the public of the many benefits of nuclear energy: its safety, its cost-competitiveness, and small land-use and wildlife impacts

• Eliminate the misleading designation of natural gas as a “carbon-free” source of energy, signed into law by CA Gov. Newsom in 2022

• With FT’s Nuclear Wikipedia Task Force (NuclearWTF?™), clear the world’s most popular reference source of misinformation – and disinformation – that is impeding progress of the world’s most promising source of carbon-free energy

• Reach out to local communities with municipal power (Sacramento, Alameda, Burbank, Glendale, others) about the possibilities of de-carbonizing with small-modular or microreactors, and/or exporting reliable power as a source of income

• Submit pro-nuclear articles for publication to influential Sacramento news sources (Sacramento Bee, California Globe, Capitol Weekly) where they will be seen, and read, by California’s top policymakers

• Fight ongoing efforts to close Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant by fossil- or renewables-backed organizations seeking a lucrative piece of Diablo’s “energy pie” – at the expense of the environment, and California ratepayers

In the News

A better search: Improving public access to the NRC’s ADAMS document database

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission hosted a public meeting yesterday to gather comments on its web-based ADAMS (WBA) system—a public document search tool introduced in 2010. It’s a tool that novice users find daunting and frequent users find frustrating, whether they’re [...]

Mark your calendar and get your name in the books for two exciting conferences coming up in the second half of the year: the 26th Technology of Fusion Energy Meeting (TOFE 2024) and Plutonium Futures—The Science 2024. [...]

Members of the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Tuesday included nuclear energy as part of their discussions of the increasing demand for electricity anticipated in the coming decade, spurred in large part by the rise of artificial [...]

UK Plans Large Nuclear At Wylfa In North Wales

UK  Announces Plans For Large-Scale Nuclear At Wylfa In North Wales Netherlands ‘Ready To Back Plans’ For 4 Large-Scale Nuclear Reactors Rolls Royce Get Nod for 470MW SMR in Poland Rolls-Royce Signs £15M Deal To Test Mini-Nuclear Reactors In Sheffield [...]

ORP, Bechtel collaborate on plan for completing Hanford’s HLW Facility

The Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management announced that its Office of River Protection (ORP) recently created a plan with contractor Bechtel National for completing the High-Level Waste Facility at the Hanford Site’s Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant, also [...]

The Diversity and Inclusion in ANS Committee on May 9 hosted a webinar titled “Our nuclear family: Empowering parents and caregivers in the nuclear industry.” The speakers, who are parents and caregivers as well as nuclear industry professionals, highlighted how [...]

Safety board has concerns about WIPP’s new ventilation system

The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB), an independent government organization responsible for overseeing public health and safety issues at Department of Energy defense nuclear facilities, has alerted the DOE because of safety concerns it has regarding the use of [...]

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