Educating the public about nuclear power will be critical for building more capacity worldwide. Here’s what we’re doing to help.

Fission Transition is working to:

• Extend to nuclear plant owners the same economic incentives offered to wind and solar farms for their clean power

• Create a level playing field for clean energy by ending CAISO’s wholesale market trading rule which assigns to wind and solar resources a preferential place in its “loading order”

• Eliminate the awarding of tradeable Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), which can be sold to fossil fuel generators to evade responsibility for the CO2 impacts of their energy

• Promote funding for Gen-4 (fourth generation) reactor development in California to help the state regain its lead in clean energy

• Inform legislators and the public of the many benefits of nuclear energy: its safety, its cost-competitiveness, and small land-use and wildlife impacts

• Eliminate the misleading designation of natural gas as a “carbon-free” source of energy, signed into law by CA Gov. Newsom in 2022

• With FT’s Nuclear Wikipedia Task Force (NuclearWTF?™), clear the world’s most popular reference source of misinformation – and disinformation – that is impeding progress of the world’s most promising source of carbon-free energy

• Reach out to local communities with municipal power (Sacramento, Alameda, Burbank, Glendale, others) about the possibilities of de-carbonizing with small-modular or microreactors, and/or exporting reliable power as a source of income

• Submit pro-nuclear articles for publication to influential Sacramento news sources (Sacramento Bee, California Globe, Capitol Weekly) where they will be seen, and read, by California’s top policymakers

• Fight ongoing efforts to close Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant by fossil- or renewables-backed organizations seeking a lucrative piece of Diablo’s “energy pie” – at the expense of the environment, and California ratepayers

In the News

X-energy receives federal tax credit for TRISO fuel facility

Advanced reactor company X-energy has been awarded $148.5 million in tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act for construction of its TRISO-X fuel fabrication facility in Oak Ridge, Tenn. [...]

Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory have partnered with Washington state–based Energy Northwest to look at alternative ways to cool nuclear reactors as climate change impacts relied-upon water sources. [...]

The Environmental Protection Agency announced that it will issue a rule aimed at limiting public exposure to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The final rule will designate two widely used PFAS chemicals, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS), as [...]

The International Atomic Energy Agency launched a collaboration with the Group of 20 this week to highlight the key role that nuclear energy can play in achieving energy security and climate-change goals.The aim of this first-of-its-kind partnership with G20—the world’s [...]

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is issuing a proposed generic environmental impact statement (GEIS) for use in reviewing applications for new nuclear reactors.In an April 17 memo, NRC secretary Carrie Safford wrote that the commission approved NRC staff’s recommendation to publish [...]

For American Nuclear Society members and Nuclear News subscribers, the 2024 Buyers Guide is now available in the ANS Digital Nuclear Library. The print version will be mailed along with the May “Capacity Factors/Nuclear Security” issue of Nuclear News magazine.The [...]

Registration is open for Argonne National Laboratory’s Facility Decommissioning Training Course, a four-day instruction designed for those responsible for the decontamination and decommissioning of nuclear facilities and who are looking to understand the full breadth and depth of the D&D [...]

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