Educating the public about nuclear power will be critical for building more capacity worldwide. Here’s what we’re doing to help.

Fission Transition is working to:

• Extend to nuclear plant owners the same economic incentives offered to wind and solar farms for their clean power

• Create a level playing field for clean energy by ending CAISO’s wholesale market trading rule which assigns to wind and solar resources a preferential place in its “loading order”

• Eliminate the awarding of tradeable Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), which can be sold to fossil fuel generators to evade responsibility for the CO2 impacts of their energy

• Promote funding for Gen-4 (fourth generation) reactor development in California to help the state regain its lead in clean energy

• Inform legislators and the public of the many benefits of nuclear energy: its safety, its cost-competitiveness, and small land-use and wildlife impacts

• Eliminate the misleading designation of natural gas as a “carbon-free” source of energy, signed into law by CA Gov. Newsom in 2022

• With FT’s Nuclear Wikipedia Task Force (NuclearWTF?™), clear the world’s most popular reference source of misinformation – and dis-information – that is impeding progress of the world’s most promising source of carbon-free energy


In the News

Vogtle-4 plant in home stretch, connects to grid

Vogtle Unit 4 synchronized and successfully connected to the electric grid on March 1, just two weeks after reaching initial criticality.This milestone is one of the final steps to completing Southern Nuclear’s long-awaited Vogtle project, adding the second of two [...]

Engineering scholarship established by L&A at WSU Tri-Cities

A new engineering scholarship at Washington State University (WSU) Tri-Cities has been established by Longenecker & Associates for students interested in careers that support Department of Energy missions. [...]

DOE again awards $45 billion Hanford tank contract to H2C

The Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management once again awarded a 10-year, $45 billion contract to Hanford Tank Waste Operations and Closure (H2C) of Lynchburg, Va., for the cleanup of tank waste at the Hanford Site. [...]

Orano Plans to Recycle Used Nuclear LWR Fuel in US

Orano Partnership to Recycle Used Nuclear LWR Fuel in US Orano to Open New Isotope Production Plant in Indiana French Reactor Uses Full Core Of Recycled Uranium Fuel Tractebel And Thorizon Sign Partnership On Thorium MSR Development X-Energy Completes CNSC [...]

MBS is a Man in a Hurry Seeking Uranium Enrichment and Nuclear Reactors

What would be the US role in supplying it and controlling their use? MBS is a Man in a Hurry Seeking Uranium Enrichment and Nuclear Reactors Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salma (MBS) is a man in a hurry to [...]

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